How You Can Make Your Gift…

Cash/Check: A gift of cash is available immediately for the use of BBBSC and in most cases is fully deductible. BBBSC accepts gifts via cash, check, or money order.

Stocks/Securities: No matter what tax bracket you are in, making gifts with appreciated stock makes sense. Tax benefits for the donor who has owned appreciated stocks for more than one year are two-fold: capital gains tax is avoided upon transfer to BBBSC and the donor can receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock on the date of the gift. Depending on your tax bracket and the size of the gift, there may be an opportunity to carry over the charitable income tax deduction over several years.

Corporate Matching Gift: Many corporations match gifts to charitable institutions made by employees and directors; some will match the gifts of employee spouses and retired employees as well.

Deferred Gift: A deferred gift will allow a donor to make a planned gift to BBBSC over a period of years or as part of estate plans. Properly designed, it can generate a charitable income tax deduction. It can be designated for a specific purpose or provide unrestricted support for BBBSC’s mission-directed activities. These gifts are made in the form of trusts, bequests or endowments.

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